What is Environment?

Every sport has its own values and culture. Ballet has a different set of values than Rugby. Therefore the sport’s climate is different and it has a different impact on athletes. It’s hard to change that. But it’s not that hard to work at the Club Culture.

The shared values and practices of the staff, athletes and parents form the club’s culture. You may think about environment as the invisible forces that govern the space. From the way dressing room is designed to the nature of the relationships exist within the team. We think this details have an astonishing impact on athletes development.

Why is it important?

There is no result without a cause. Good environmental conditions produce superior abilities. What does not exists in the cultural environment will not develop in the child.

We don’t have to look for a specific innate abilities or talents. It is a superior environment that has the greatest effect in creating superior abilities. There is no use in judging children’s abilities from the training they receive five or six years after birth. Abilities are born and developed by the working of the vital forces of the organism as it strives to live and to adapt to its environment right in the beginning.